Rightline Gear Truck Tent Set Up Guide

Truck Tent Set Up Video

With the tailgate down, place the tent in your truck bed with the screen mesh side facing up. Slip the tailgate pocket and under-strap over the end of the tailgate.

Place The Tent In Your Truck Bed

Attach the black strap clips to the bottom outside lip of the truck and snug up the straps.

Attach Clips To The Truck

Run all 4 tent poles through their matching color coded sleeves. Raise the two gray center poles first followed by the green and red poles. Insert the pole ends into their matching color coded pockets. Make sure the pole sleeves slide over the poles with no hang-ups.

Run Tent Poles Thru Sleeves Insert Poles Into Sleeves

Attach the inside green and red straps to your truck bed corner tie down points/cleats. Notice two straps clip to each cleat.

Attach Straps To Inside Of Truck

If your truck does not have tie down points, clip the two front red straps together and run the two back green straps through the tailgate gap to attach to something below. In this case, the middle two red and green straps will hang free. Once you have the straps adjusted for your truck, the next set-up will be much easier.

Interior View Of Truck Tent Attach Straps To Truck Tailgate

Adjust the inner and outer straps until the seam where the inner flap meets the tent runs along the top outside edge of your truck bed.

Truck Tent Attachment Diagram

Position the rain fly over the tent. Place the front cab access sleeve from the tent inside the access sleeve of the rain fly. Attach the buckles and adjust their straps as necessary. Use of the rain fly is optional.

Truck Tent Cab Access Sleeve
Attaching The Rainfly

Chevy Avalanche Truck Tents

Once you convert your Avalanche from SUV to pickup truck mode, set up is exactly the same except that it is necessary for you to run the stitched front edge of the tent (has 2 tie down strings sewn inside) in the narrow gap between the plastic rear window frame and the metal roof. All three black strap clips from this area will attach in a row to the bottom outside lip of the truck.

Avalanche Truck Tent Interior

Avalanche Truck Tent Top

Avalanche Truck Tent Straps

The front most clips from the rain fly should be secured inside the vehicle on the front cleats. CAUTION: Metal magnets are located inside the front of the rain fly to hold it in place. Be careful when placing them on the roof of your Avalanche.

Avalanche Truck Tent Straps
Avalanche Truck Tent Interior Straps

When done camping, fold your clean and dry truck tent and put it into the easy loading storage bag. Please read the caution tag inside the tent and don't forget to have fun camping.

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