PackRight Car Clips

PackRight Car Clips
PackRight Car Clips
PackRight Car Clips
PackRight Car Clips
PackRight Car ClipsPackRight Car ClipsPackRight Car Clips

The PackRight Car Clips from Rightline Gear enable you to use a roof top cargo bag on vehicles WITHOUT a roof rack!

These simple car clips can save you the couple hundred dollars that you otherwise would have spent on a new roof top rack. Add the clips to the ends of the standard straps included with each carrier and attach them to an available ledge along the vehicle's door frame.

On most vehicles, the best ledge can be found under the weather molding around the door frame. You can also go over the weather molding, use another metal ledge, or clip to rain gutters on the top of the door frame.  The opening at the end of the "J-hook" is 5/8".  Anything that will fit into the opening of the hook will work.

Run the straps for the car top carrier through the plastic d-rings on the car top carrier.  The strap tension from one car clip to the other over the top of the car top carrier secures the load.  Position the straps at least 20" apart.  When you tighten the straps, the hooks pull into place and the vehicle door is shut over the straps.

The Car Clips can be used with the PackRight Sport, Edge, and Ace Car Top Carriers (Note:  The Car Clips are included with the PackRight Sport Jr Car Top Carrier).  Don't let the lack of a roof rack keep you from carrying your gear.  Car Clips have been a safe and reliable attaching method used by our customers for many years.

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