PackRight Car Clips

PackRight Car Clips
PackRight Car Clips
PackRight Car Clips
PackRight Car Clips
PackRight Car ClipsPackRight Car ClipsPackRight Car Clips

The PackRight Car Clips from Rightline Gear enable you to use a roof top cargo bag on vehicles WITHOUT a roof rack!

These simple car clips can save you the couple hundred dollars that you otherwise would have spent on a new roof top rack. Add the clips to the ends of the standard straps included with each carrier and attach them to an available ledge along the vehicle's door frame.

On most vehicles, the best ledge can be found under the weather molding around the door frame. You can also go over the weather molding, use another metal ledge, or clip to rain gutters on the top of the door frame.  The opening at the end of the "J-hook" is 5/8".  Anything that will fit into the opening of the hook will work.

Run the straps for the car top carrier through the plastic d-rings on the car top carrier.  The strap tension from one car clip to the other over the top of the car top carrier secures the load.  Position the straps at least 20" apart.  When you tighten the straps, the hooks pull into place and the vehicle door is shut over the straps.

The Car Clips can be used with the PackRight Sport, Edge, and Ace Car Top Carriers (Note:  The Car Clips are included with the PackRight Sport Jr Car Top Carrier).  Don't let the lack of a roof rack keep you from carrying your gear.  Car Clips have been a safe and reliable attaching method used by our customers for many years.

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Dogs Running On The Beach

In planning my families fall beach trip we have been looking for beaches on the East Coast that are dog friendly so that our hound dog June Bug can come too.  We are renting a house for a week and have found that many of them are very dog friendly and lots of the beaches are too.  Rules can vary from beach to beach as to whether your pet has to be on or off leash.  Some areas only allow dogs on the beach during certain hours of the day and that can vary from season to season also.

Below are a few of the links that we ran across in doing our research.  Remember that you still should contact the Chamber Of Commerce or Police Department where you are visiting to find out if any of the regulations have changed before taking off on your trip.

Sandy Claws

For take a look a little further down our blog for some tips on Traveling With Fido.

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Rhino Rack 400 Roof Top Cargo Box


Regularly $479

Sale Ends September 30

Dimensions: 70" L x 31" W x 17" H
Capacity: 14 cu ft
Mounting: Roof Rack Cross Bars

Rhino Rack is the main roof top cargo company in Australia, now in the USA with great products. Their roof cargo boxes are made from lightweight ABS plastic which is resistant to both shock and uv rays. All of these features, with a little more style than the average roof top cargo box.  Rhino Rack uses Master Grip Technology, with a universal mounting dial that attaches to the crossbars.  Those dials sit into wide, adjustable slots within the car top carrier to suit a greater variance in crossbar spacing.

  • Ships to your door via freight line
  • New Master Fit System mounts to square, round, and factory crossbars
  • Opens on driver's side and passenger's side for quick access to your gear
  • Holds vacation gear or 2 sets of golf clubs
  • Includes keys and locks for added security
  • Includes (2) luggage straps that attach to tie down points in box
  • Silver Color
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Crossbars can be from 20" to 40" apart

The Rhino Rack roof cargo boxes work well in all climate conditions.

Roof top cargo boxes require roof rack cross bars.  If your vehicle doesn't already have them, please visit our Roof Rack Systems page.

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It summer again and you are planning for the family road trip.  Your car doesn't have a roof rack so there is no where to strap the suitcases to the roof.  How are you going to fit everyone in the car AND all of that luggage, the sand toys, and the tent in the car?


PackRight Car Top Carriers will fit vehicles with and WITHOUT a roof rack.

Here's how it works!

Car Clip Strap Set
Car Clip Straps On A Vehicle

Car Clip Strap SetThese straps attach to any ledge on the inside door frame of your vehicle.  On most vehicles, the best ledge can be found under the weather molding around the door frame. The strap tension from one car clip to the other over the top of the car carrier secures the load.  Take a look at our Car Clip Strap Set Up Instructions for more details on how these nifty straps work. The Car Clip Strap Set comes standard with the Sport Jr Car Top Carrier and is purchased separately for use with the other PackRight carriers.

PackRight Strap Set
Strap Set Thru Body Of Vehicle

StrapRight Strap SetThe straps run over the car carrier, through the open vehicle door, across the inside roof and around to the other side.  Our StrapRight Strap Set Up Guide provides complete instructions. The StrapRight Strap Set comes standard with all of the PackRight Car Top Carriers except the Sport Jr.  Note: The "D" rings should act as a guide for the straps not as a way to secure the roof top carrier to the roof.  Straps should go OVER the top of the roof bag.

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Guest Blogger Rick Phillips from The Paddler's Report

When I find stress building from work and everyday life, the best way I have found of relieving it is through kayaking. I throw my kayak on top of the car and head for a body of water. I find it’s a place where I can let my mind go and forget about all my stresses of life for a little while. Kayaking also lets me take in all the beauties of Mother Nature it has to offer like the sound of a loon on a lake at sunrise is really a sweet sound.

Kayaking is also a great workout for the upper body as a whole. Getting started with the very basics with a kayak, paddle, personal flotation device (a life jacket) and an attached whistle (required by law). There are many other items you can buy to enhance your paddling experience. Paddlers Report website has a lot of information to help you

Getting Started With Kayaking.

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Ace Car Top Carrier

Rightline Gear has introduced the new PackRight Ace Car Top Carrier.  This car carrier is 15 cubic feet and is designed for SUVs, crossovers, and minivans.  The roof carrier will work on vehicles WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack.  This new inexpensive solution to get your gear on the road unzips 3/4 of the way around making it easy to load.  Features include:

  • Water resistant with sewn seams and a zipper flap
  • Hydrotuff Material-a UV resistant, waterproof, PVC-backed polyester
  • Includes: car top carrier, (4) PP straps, and complete set up guide

See how easy it is to set up and use the Ace Car Top Carrier by taking a look at the Set Up Guide.

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Black Bear

Lakeland Gear is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.  We have lots of opportunity for outdoor adventure right in our backyard.  You should come visit us sometime here in the Great Smoky Mountains.

We are also fortunate to have the stellar Great Smoky Mountain National Park here.  The park offers the opportunity for lots of outdoor adventures and camping.

Back Country Camping is available for backpackers who love the adventure a hike into the park's backcountry. 

Front Country Camping allows you to camp near your car in a developed campground and have amenities such as running water, flush toilets, and a fire-grate and picnic table.

Group Campsites are located in the Front Country Campgrounds and are suitable for groups of eight or more people.

Horse Camps are small campgrounds that are accessible by vehicle and offer hitch racks for horses and primitive camping facilities.

Visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park website for info about all the adventures that are available.

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Pet Ramp
Dog Guard
Pet Travel Water Bowl

Traveling with your pets can be a challenge for both you and a bit stressful on them.  Here are some tips on keeping you and your dog happy and safe. (We'll have to talk about taking Kitty on the road another day!)

Take Your Sense Of Humor
Your favorite friend is along because you couldn't leave him/her at home.  Make the most of your time together.  Remember the interruption of Fido's schedule and the excitement of the ride may make him hyper, grumpy, shy or confused.  Getting upset and yelling won't help.  The best stories of your trip will come from hurdles that you both overcame.

Restraining Your Pet
Seat belts keep you safe and you need to provide some protection for you pup also.  Some available options are pet harnesses that connect to your car's seat belts, travel kennels and pet barriers.  These also cut down on the distraction of your pet bouncing from window to window.

Keep Hydrated
Take along plenty of water and keep in mind that your dog's taste bud's may prefer your municipal water along the road.  Take along as much as is practical.  Don't fret if you run out though.  Your pup will drink any water when really thirsty. The Portable Pet Travel Water Bowl will not spill or splash and has a reservoir for water.

Take Frequent Stops
Dogs are sensitive to a routine and travel can turn that upside down.  Stopping frequently allows you both to stretch your legs and for Fido to relieve himself. If you have an SUV, truck or minivan a pet may find it a bit of jump to get out of the vehicle, especially after being confined.  Older pets may be much more affected by this.  Pet Steps are a way to make the transition from vehicle to solid ground a little easier.

Mind The Temperature
Leaving your pet in the car with the windows rolled up is not safe any time of the year, but during the summer months heat can kill even with the windows down.  The sun can easily transform your car into an oven in a matter of a few minutes. 

Pack Your Pets Papers
I don't mean those kind of papers!  Take along your dog's important papers...registration, proof of vaccinations and a list of any current medications. 

Loss Prevention
Having your pet run off while traveling is heartbreaking to consider.  Taking a few precautions can make it easier to be reunited.  Take along a picture of your pet.  If your pet is micro chipped check that all of the information is updated before you leave.  Make sure your pet is wearing current tags and an identification tag with your name, home address and phone number. 

Take A Doggie Bag
Whether a simple grocery bag or Fido's own luggage, keeping everything in one convenient place will make care for your pet more convenient.  Consider stashing the following items in your pets luggage.

  • Canned or dry dog food
  • Can opener
  • Two bowls (one for food and one for water)
  • An extra leash
  • Doggie Treats
  • Doggie Brush
  • Chewy toy or bone
  • Favorite ball or toy
  • Pooper scooper and baggies
  • Any medications

Lakeland Gear has lots of products to make traveling with your pets easier in our Pet Gear section.

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Breakfast In A Bag

Give your kids something to brag about.  Teach them how to cook over a campfire.  Making Breakfast In A Bag is the perfect choice.  Prep time is minimal,  it's fun to watch and clean-up is a breeze.


  • One paper lunch bag
  • Strips of thick bacon
  • Eggs


  • Line the bottom of paper bag with bacon
  • Make sure to cover all of the paper and slightly up the sides too
  • Crack egg(s) and drop on top of the bacon
  • Fold the top of the bag over a couple of times
  • Put the bag on the grate over the campfire
  • The eggs are done when the grease from the bacon is about half way up the side of the bag.


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Devil's Fork Boat In Campsite

I recently ran across a what was to me a new idea on how to arrive at your campsite...boating in.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  A little more primitive than arriving in the car, but your campsite is much more private and secluded.  Lots of park across the country offer boat in camping sites.  Search the State Park website for your search to see if you have one nearby.  I ran across two campsites in South Carolina, Devil's Fork State Park and Cheraw State Park. 

Laura Mueller's Blog on the South Carolina State Park website has some great info on boat in camping.

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