Inno Fit Guide - Cadillac

Please follow these steps to determine the correct Roof Rack System for your vehicle:

1. Locate your vehicle's model and type in the table below.

2. Find the part number for the roof rack feet (some models have more than one choice) and click on the corresponding link.

  • INAR - mount to factory roof rack side rails - traditional version
  • INFR - mount to factory roof rack side rails - premium version
  • INSU - mount to the vehicle's roof
  • INXR - mount to factory and aftermarket c-channels
  • INTR - mount to special factory roof rack side rails and special mounting points

*If your vehicle requires the INSU, INXR, or INTR feet, take note of the part number for the fit kit as well. You will be asked to select this part number in a drop down menu when ordering the feet.

3. Find the dimension for the roof rack cross bars and click on this link. Select this dimension and your preferred color from the drop down menu shown.








Max. Load

Bar Spread (inch)**

DeVille,Concours 4dr
'94 - '99 INSU K153 50 140lbs 28

'98 - '04 INSU
K153 50 100lbs 28
w/ Factory Rack '05 - '09 INAR
- 46 140lbs 20~39
w/ Factory Rack '05 - '09 INFR
- 46 140lbs 20~39

** Bar Spread is the distance between the front cross bar and the rear cross bar when they are mounted on the vehicle's roof. Vehicle models with factory roof rack side rails have a range for Bar Spread because the feet can be mounted anywhere along the rails.

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