Get Started with Canoe Racks

Canoe and Boat Roof Top Racks are Cradle/Saddle style racks that secure your boat down while protecting its gunwales.  To choose the right rack follow the steps below.

1.  Choose the correct Canoe Rack that fits your specific Crossbars
Whether you have Round, Square of factory roof rack crossbars, there is a Canoe Rack for you.  Some racks only fit round, some only square, some are universal and fit any crossbar.  See Table Below

2.  Decide how many Canoes you need to transport 

You can only carry one Canoe per rack.  You can however attach two to racks to your crossbars to carry 2 Canoes.  If you have really large canoes or a compact car, or both, this may be more difficult.  Measure the widths of your canoes and compare to the width of your crossbars before attempting this.  See Table Below

3.  Choose your accessories

Bow/Stern Tie Downs, Canoe Straps, Locks, and Load Assist Adapters are accessories for Canoe Racks.  Many of the Canoe Racks come with some of these, like Bow/Stern Tie Downs, Straps and Locks.  Bow/Stern Tie Downs and Straps are the most important for Canoe transport, they secure your Canoe to the Rack and your car.  See Table Below

straps Straps - secure the Canoe to the Rack and hold the Canoes weight in place
bow/stern tie downs Bow/Stern Tie Downs - connect the Bow to the front hood of your car and the Stern to the rear bumper or hitch.  This prevents the Canoe from lifting during high speeds
locks Locks - secure your Canoe to the Rack, giving you some peace of mind
load assist adapters
Load Assist Adapters - connect to your crossbars and support some of the weight of the Canoe while you're loading.  This helps prevent injury to you, your car and the Canoe

Many of these accessories are listed at the bottom of the product pages as "Customers Also Bought"

Use this table to find the right Canoe Rack for you

Canoe Rack Crossbars Carriers per Vehicle Included Accessories
Inno Canoe Rollers square 1-2 straps
Inno Kayak/Canoe Locker round, square, factory 1 straps, locks
Inno Boat Rollers square 1 straps
Rhino Rack Side Loading Kayak & Canoe Rack round, square, factory 1 straps
Rhino Rack Rear Loading Kayak & Canoe Rack round, square, factory
1 straps
Rhino Rack Kayak/Canoe Carrier round, square, factory
1-2 straps
Invis-A-Rack truck bed rails 1
Thule Canoe Carrier thule square 1-2 straps
Thule Goalpost 2" hitch receiver 1 straps
Yakima Universal Canoe Foam Blocks round, square, factory
1 straps, tie downs
Yakima Gunwale Brackets Yakima Round 1-2 straps, tie downs
Yakima DryDock Boat Hitch Rack 2" hitch receiver 1 straps, tie downs













We want you to find the right Canoe Rack for you, so please contact us if you have any questions, 1-888-301-GEAR

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