Lay-Z Lounger Care Tips

Here are a few of the most common questions regarding "How should I care for my Lay-Z Lounger?"

Q: "Can I leave my Lay-Z Lounger outside on the deck?"

A: There are several things to consider regarding this question:

  1. The sun's UV rays are extremely powerful and continued exposure to direct sunlight will damage the chair's fabric.
  2. The Lay-z Lounger uses real wood for the armrests, which adds a touch of class and beauty to the chair.  As the sun and it's UV rays can be damaging to the fabric, they can also damage the finish of the wooden arms.  If this does happen to your chair, the arms can be restored by removing any of the original finish that may still be remaining and adding several new coats of varnish.
  3. The Lay-Z Loungers use strong steel frames that have been powder coated to give them a durable, long lasting exterior finish.  Because of the Lay-Z's have moving parts (required for the chair to recline), these moving parts can lose their coating and if they become wet, can rust.  As with any other outdoor items you may have that are made with steel or steel parts (hand tools, garden tools, etc), keeping them clean and dry will greatly extend their life.

Q: "Is there any special preventative maintenance that I should consider doing?"

A: Most of the moving parts are held in place with bolts and screws.  While these are all carefully tightened at the factory, they can occasionally work lose.  If you notice they are loosening, just take the appropriate tool and re-tighten them before they work themselves completely loose.

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