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Blue Ridge Chair Works has truly redefined outdoor living. These beautifully crafted hardwood tables and chairs add elegance to your deck or campsite without compromising in durability. Using only the highest quality materials, each piece truly goes above and beyond the standard folding camping chair.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Based in Western North Carolina, Blue Ridge Chair Works uses only the finest quality materials to construct folding camping chairs and tables. Because each piece is made in the pride and tradition of southern Appalachian craftsmanship, you can expect your piece to last you through years of use. The hardwood frames are made from kiln dried Ash hardwood and finished with Danish oil. The slings and chair backs are sewn from heavyweight polyester fabric with fade resistant colors . Each folding camp chair is then finally assembled with corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware. Made in the USA under the highest quality of standards, Blue Ridge Chair Works delivers the best quality outdoor furniture.

Quality Craftsmanship


Innovative design features ensure that you can take a Blue Ridge Chair Works chair or table just about anywhere. Clever additions such as back pack straps to a back pack beach chair add to the convenience of lightweight construction. Each item folds flat for easy storage, even in your car or RV. A Blue Ridge Chair Works Chair will make the perfect addition to your deck, but don’t expect it to stay put for too long. Versatile, portable design features will make your chair or table an item you’ll want to take with you everywhere. 


Blue Ridge Chair Works constructs each chair from the highest quality sustainable wood. Wood is a great green alternative to plastic. Ash wood is a short rotation forestry crop—a rapidly renewable natural resource that is biodegradable and less energy intensive to produce than plastic. Finally, these chairs have exceptional durability and low maintenance requirements—making them a green product that you won’t need to replace every year.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Each chair and table is designed for frequent normal use outdoors or for recreational use. To guarantee your chair lasts you as long as possible, indoor storage is recommended between each use. All tables and chairs may be periodically cleaned with a mild soap and a soft brush, then air dried. If prolonged exposure to humidity causes discoloration from mildew, you can spot treat the affected area. First, clean with a mild bleach solution and a soft brush, then rinse the area and let it air dry.

Maintain the finish of your chair or table by lightly sanding any scratches with fine sandpaper and then wiping on a thin coat of any oil finish.

Following this simple care, your Blue Ridge Chair Works hardwood folding chair will be beautiful for years to come.

Private Labeling

Promote your company with a customized hardwood chair or table. Blue Ridge Chair Works’ furniture can be customized several different ways. These privately labeled products make great gifts or can be a unique way to advertise your company. To find out more, contact

Private Labeling

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