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Inno has been keeping people and their active gear on the road for 30 years. Inno car racks first appeared on the US market in 2003. Not surprisingly, their racks have caught on quickly in the States and they are considered an ideal match for the nation's growing legions of active "weekend warriors" and professional athletes who demand technological superiority.

1. Oversize Quick-Release, is a feature that is available on a variety of Rhino Racks Roof Mounted Bike Rack. It features a locking, 9-mm, stainless steel skewer that secures your front wheel fork to the bike rack.  The universal fitment - works for racing bikes, mountain bikes and bikes with disc brakes. Cam-action lever on skewer lets you quickly release bike fork from fork block. Available locking skewer locks bike to rack.


    Inno Quick Release Closed
    Inno Quick Relase Open
    Quick Release Latched
    Quick Release Unlatched

2. Adjustable Padded Cradles Soft rubber cradles and straps hold bikes in place for maximum frame protection and stability while allowing complete adjustment along the carrier arms.The cradles that can be rotated to different angles to fit a wide variety of differently shaped and sized bike frames from race bikes to mountain bikes.

     Adjustable Padded Cradles

3. Collapsible Arm The cradle arm on some hitch mounted bike racks is collapsible and can be effortlessly folded for easy storage when not in use. Minimize the space and anxiety of driving around with a bike carrier even when you are not using it!

    Collapsible Arm

4. Fold Down Shaft on hitch mounted bike racks allows for easy access to the rear of your vehicle.

    Fold Down Shaft

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