Hollywood Fit Guide - Chrysler

Please use the below chart to determine which Hollywood Trunk Mounted Bike Rack will fit your Chrysler vehicle.

Please check for the special Foot Notes to ensure a proper fit.

2 & 3
99-05 300, 300M YES YES YES YES YES 5, 10, Trunk
08-09 300 (except Hemi) YES YES NO YES YES
06-08 300 - Hemi NO NO NO NO NO HR
09-12 300 - Hemi YES YES NO YES YES
07-09 Aspen SUV YES YES YES YES YES Door, license plate
95-00 Cirrus YES YES YES YES YES 2, 5, Trunk, F6 Best
93-04 Concorde/LHS YES YES YES YES YES 4, 5, 10, Trunk
04-08 Crossfire NO NO NO NO NO NO HR (exhaust location)
2009 Journey NO NO NO NO NO HR
84-95 Le Baron YES YES YES YES YES
83-97 New Yorker/ LHS YES YES YES YES YES 4, 5, 7, 11
04-08 Pacifica NO NO NO NO NO HR
00-02 Prowler NO NO NO NO NO HR
01-05 PT Cruiser NO NO NO YES YES 11, window fitting
06-11 PT Cruiser NO NO NO NO NO HR, Yes with window fittings
06-08 PT Cruiser Conv. YES YES YES YES YES Door / may be too low
09-10 PT Cruiser Conv. NO NO NO NO NO HR
97-11 Sebring YES YES YES YES YES 4, 5, 7, 10
98-01 Sebring Conv. NO NO NO NO NO HR
02-12 Sebring Conv. YES YES YES YES YES 5, 10, Careful on upper seal
91-07 Town&Country/
08-12 Town&Country NO NO NO NO NO No with Spoiler


Fit Chart / Installation Tips:

  1. Use these tips to locate position of lower strap or hooks for alternative methods of attachment.
  2. Tow loops on side of vehicle
  3. Tow loops in center of vehicle
  4. Look under vehicle for other possible mounting points.
  5. Do not use Express or F1B if spoiler is fitted.
  6. No Location for lower straps.
  7. Keep hinges away from trunk lid on F1/B - F4 only
  8. Soft door panel, see instruction sheet. Use F6 or hitch rack.
  9. Soft bumper. Weight of bicycles may exceed capacity of  bumper. Reposition rack or use hitch rack.
  10. Use holes in vehicles frame for attaching hooks.
  11. Attach hooks to lower edge of trunk lid.
  12. Lower pads on license plate
  13. Bike weight limit of 2 bikes or 70 lb. maximum
  14. Use Window Fittings on top straps
  15. No if spoiler is fitted.

Trunk: Attach lower straps at bottom of trunk lid

Door: Lower straps attach to bottom of hatch door

HR: Hollywood trailer hitch racks will fit if vehicle is fitted with a receiver hitch

License Plate: Mount lower pads to license plate only

If you see a car reference that reads "No" "No" "HR" in each column, this means that the car cannot be fitted with a strap-on type rack, and must be fitted with a receiver (hitch mount) in order to use our HR (hitch mount) racks.

  • Install Hollywood strap-on racks on steel trunks only. Do not install on trunk lids made from fiberglass, aluminum or similar materials. Check with magnet to be sure its steel
  • Tighten all straps both before and after mounting bikes on the rack
  • Never install upper hooks to plastic, glass or fiberglass
  • Clean the surface of the trunk prior to installation
  • Never place more than 100 lbs (45 kg.) on the F1B, Baja and F6
  • Never place more than 150 lbs (70 kg.) on the F4
  • Use at least two tie-down straps or shock cords when securing bikes to the rack and keep bicycle tires at least one foot  (30 cm) away from exhaust pipe(s)
  • Check the rack, bikes and straps regularly during use
  • Drive slowly when the rack is used on bumpy or dirt roads

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